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20th Jan 2024

FarCry 5

Farcry 5

Story missions were good, playable. The layouts of buildings was interesting. Enemies were kind of boring, the gunplay was redeemable just because of the sounds of the guns.

Didn’t find myself going for pepper stashes once i had unlocked a lot of the main perks, i.e 2nd level of health and +1 Roster and +2 hostler weapons.

Side missions were ass. Go to place a, kill b, and come back. Or go to a, collect b and come back. Didn’t find myself engulfed.

The game encouraged you to use fangs for hire which is kind of odd. They wanted you to play less. In the 2023 version 1.1 i believe, the random events and you getting killed randomly was present a lot. I liked that. Going from a to b wasn’t so monotonous and boring.

The boss fights were kind of a let down. You could easily kill jacob and john, faiths was quite interesting and new. She also says the most interesting things like “I was just seventeen when he took me” and “you think i wanted to do this”

the main story was kind of interesting, but not too much. It was predictable. Why was jacob training you, to kill eli? yes. you could tell that from the first time he captures you. Why was faith obssessed with marshall to kill him? yes ofc. there was no “plot twist”, there was no superior narrative. It was all just a coherent predictable easy ass story written by a 16 year old kid.

The open world aspect, even after 5 years? is still a buggy mess. People walk into objects, enemies won’t spot you if you crouch and stay infront of them. Enemies will shoot through walls etc.

Driving and flying were actually implemented really well. I didn’t like that they removed the looting and skinning animations from fc3.

Is it worth the 15Euro for the gold edition it costs on sale? Maybe? try for yourself.

The game is advertised as 18 hours of playtime. Couldn’t get more than 14 out of it. Completed all story missions, didn’t skip any cutscenes. Idk where the last 4 hours went. Being a completionist in fc5 is kind of useless? The side story missions are boring. Game doesnt’ reward you for venturing.